James Sanderson

Gender stereotypes: Primary schools urged to tackle issue

Katherine Smith: BBC Education reporter Calling girls “sweetie” or boys “mate” in primary school perpetuates gender stereotypes, campaigners say. In a letter to the education secretary in England, various groups are calling on the government to address the language and ideas used in schools. Stereotypes limit children’s aspirations and create inequalities that help fuel gender-based violence, they say. The government… Read More »Gender stereotypes: Primary schools urged to tackle issue

Risky Behaviour

The riskiest place you can be is trying to do the same things in the same way as you’ve always done them. Few things are as foolish as hoping old behaviours will somehow present new results. We can all accept that risk without proper consideration can be foolish to take on, but leaving the status quo unchallenged is as good… Read More »Risky Behaviour