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About Us

Powered by passion, fuelled by feedback

We are a group of experienced Heads, inspectors, coaches, speakers and authors with more than decades spent in senior or departmental leadership in the UK independent education sector.

Building and refining systems, developing staff at all levels to maximise the impact of your educational offering.

Whether you need assistance with appraisals, restructuring, mentoring, coaching, professional development or training, I can bring a wealth of experience, a passion and real focus on those areas where you need it – with an objective eye.

“[Your] mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

James Sanderson


James is a serving Head of a thriving Preparatory School in London. His experience ranges from departmental and senior leadership in 11-18 schools and Headship in the 4-11 age range, working with a coaching approach to provide a supportive and constructive construct. An experienced ISI inspector can also help you with your approach to inspection routines.

Petra Honneger


Petra has worked in middle and senior leadership in 3-11 schools and is a highly experienced appraiser and trainer. A forward-thinking approach to professional development and curriculum planning, Petra can help you with all aspects of the development of your provision.


With more than 30 years of experience in education, we help your school grow and develop.


Proven techniques to maximise the effectiveness of your team. Well-tried approach to appraisal for school leaders.


Not a template, we find a custom solution to every issue you might be finding as you develop.

Consulting that respects your time

We are all busy and need results quickly. We can tailor time-scales to suit your school, from recruitment cycles to appraisals and restructure.