Move Forward, Not Backward: 5 Thoughts Post-Lockdown

As we move towards the new normal that is the world post COVID-19, let us reframe the way that we look at the future. Let us not talk about moving backwards and going back to the way things used to be. Let us all discover and accept that the future will look different; that we are moving forward, not back, because if we don’t learn from everything we have been doing during the pandemic, then that is a year and a half lost.

Pupils, staff and leaders have all become better at doing so many things and although everyone loves change, no-one actually likes to change themselves.

5 Thoughts

  • Keep a strong hold on the technology
  • Take notice of the creative ways that everyone has found to do their work
  • Focus on the individual, but not at the expense of the group
  • Make self-care a priority
  • Embrace change, because it is inevitable

As school leaders, our role is to ensure that everyone who works with us and the whole gamut of our school communities have the opportunity to be heard and contribute to the way forward.

There are more hidden talents out there than you could possibly believe!